Moment of Truth Experience


What is the Moment of Truth?

Any time an internal/external customer comes in contact with a service, product or brand  they form an impression or an opinion of that experience (Moment of Truth).  Once that impression or opinion is made, it sticks!

How Can I Use MOT to Create a Wow Factor?

Four Part Process

  • Moment of Truth Mapping  
  • Identify Key Events , Determine  Current Impressions
  • Interview MOT Ambassadors
  • MOT Reveal  and Wow Workshop  


Strategic Planning


Sometimes you need to stop and ask for directions!  Are you too busy working the strategy to update your strategy?  Let us come and help you get to the next level with strategic development.   We offer a one day session directed to the leadership team to construct a long range strategic plan.

Global Human Resources


Need help opening an international office?  What does HR need to do?  Let us help you navigate the process.  We can give you the roadmap to drive yourself or can manage the project for you.

Global Mobility


What do you need to know when sending people on international assignments?  Need help with policy development or benchmarking?.  We can take on the relocation program completely or help get you started.

Performance Management


Need help determining if employees have performance issues or behavioral issues?  We will provide an objective, professional assessment to give you the information you need to make the right decision.  We also can design a  performance management program customized for your culture.

Vendor Management


 Do you need to change service providers but do not have the time or resources to handle the RFP (request for proposal) process? Have you evaluated your current vendors to see if they are providing you the best services at the best price?   We can handle your vendor issues from finding new solutions to setting up service level agreements with your current vendors..

Name Your Project


Have more projects than time?  Let Dault Global Solutions be an additional resource to take a project off of your full plate.

Private & Confidential

Consulting is a very up close and personal relationship with a client. Confidentiality is paramount; we will offer and sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement, before our initial consultation. The initial consultation is free of charge! We want to help you in any way that we can.